Zeh L’zeh is a non-profit charity organization that provides weekly emergency Shabbos food Erev Shabbos to people in need due to financial status or natural disasters, providing ready-to-eat nutritious meals and raw groceries free of charge.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Zeh L’Zeh is to offer a lifeline of nourishment and hope to individuals and families facing hardships. Whether impacted by financial struggles or natural disasters, we are committed to delivering emergency Shabbos food assistance with compassion and dignity. Our commitment is to ensure that no one in our community has to face the burden of hunger alone. By mobilizing resources, fostering partnerships, and nurturing a network of support, we strive to create a world where access to nutritious food is a right, not a privilege. We are more than a food bank; we are a beacon of hope and a helping hand, reaching out to those in need with compassion and dignity.

Here are some tips for donating food to a food donation mission:

  • Donate non-perishable food items that are in good condition.
  • Avoid donating food that is expired or damaged.
  • Donate food in a clean and sanitary container.

Over 100 Volunteers! Are recruited in the rescue mission of saving food in the value of millions of dollars and distributing it to our fellow needy families.

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What We Achieved

Zeh L’zeh has made significant strides in combating hunger and providing aid to those in need. With a dedicated team of over 50 volunteers, the organization successfully distributes over 250 meals weekly. This remarkable effort is supported by the generosity of hundreds of food donors, reflecting a strong community commitment to helping those facing financial difficulties or affected by natural disasters. Zeh Lzeh’s impactful work not only provides immediate food relief but also brings hope and support to countless families

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People's Testimonials

Joseph Sandle

I recently had the opportunity to witness the incredible work of an organization that provides free food to those in need, and I am genuinely impressed by their impact and dedication. From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere, filled with volunteers who radiate kindness and compassion. The organization's commitment to helping the community is evident in every aspect of their operation.

Sammy Hirsch

Their process of food distribution is both efficient and respectful, ensuring that every individual is treated with dignity and care. The variety and quality of food offered is remarkable, catering to different dietary needs and preferences. It's heartwarming to see the smiles and relief on the faces of those who receive the meals, a clear indicator of the difference this organization is making.

Martin Batch

What's truly admirable is their unwavering dedication to serving the community, regardless of the challenges they face. They not only provide food but also a sense of community and hope to those who may be going through difficult times. This organization is a shining example of how compassion and action can bring about real change. I wholeheartedly support their mission and encourage others to contribute in any way they can, whether through volunteering, donations, or spreading the word about their noble work.

Usher Bauer

The staff and volunteers at this organization are the heart and soul of their operation. They are not only efficient and organized but also incredibly compassionate and kind. They serve everyone with a smile and treat each individual with respect and dignity, which makes a significant difference in the lives of people who are going through tough times.

Avrumi Fischer

I am truly inspired by their work and the impact they are making. Organizations like this are a vital part of the community, and their efforts deserve recognition and support. I would encourage anyone looking to contribute to a worthy cause to consider supporting them. Their dedication to making a positive change is evident in every meal they serve and every smile they share.

Abe Miller

The quality and variety of food offered were beyond my expectations. Not only do they provide nutritious meals, but they also ensure that there's something for everyone, respecting dietary needs and preferences. It's heartening to see the smiles and sense of relief on the faces of those who receive the meals.

Zeh L'Zeh


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